Stele James for District 21 House of Representatives

A Different Democrat

Stele Wayne James was raised in rural Arkansas on a farm, educated by the public school systems of Scott and Yell County. Stele served in the Arkansas Army National Gaurd for over a decade and fought in two conflicts in the United States Army. When discharged he returned home to a fight - but as an advocate for veterans like himself. He served the Texas Veterans commission as a Veterans Employment Representative and later as the Director of Veteran Services for Benton County Arkansas.

After the passing of the family Patriarch, Stele answered his family's call to return to the farm in Gravelly Arkansas. Stele farmed his Grandmothers cattle and began a herd of his own and began growing vegetables for the local farmers markets. He is marred to the wonderful and talented Lacey James, a registered nurse serving patients with in home care for Kindred and continues to help patients in rehab at Mena Arkansas. Stele and Lacey are the proud parents of two farm boys, Kian who is age 10 and Lil' Stihl who is 2.

Stele's life has been shaped by Arkansas and reflects its warm loving open nature with a smile and a love for its natural beauty and resilient and defiant people. "Stele Wayne", as he is known, loves his family, faith and the outdoors. They love to fish, hunt, and explore our public lands, WMA's, State Parks and National Forests, and spend many days following their squirrel dogs hunting or just out scouting.

Stele James is a Christian and considers Christ's love to be the foundation of his moral compass. His faith provides a stable platform from which his own brand of Democratic political ideology, in Stele Waynes' own words: "I am a different Democrat."

Political Objectives

I will work to improve the long outdated County Veteran Service Officer program and I have the inside experience and knowledge of the system to know what will and will not work for the veterans of Arkansas. For too long the veterans of Arkansas have had to rely on County Service Officers who have not been properly certified, trained, or paid for the service they provide, nor is the county adequately reimbursed for the expense of the mandated program. I understand, the players, the problems, and the possible solutions as well as the ability to solve the problem.

Did you know an Arkansas citizen 65 and older can go to college tuition free, they can do to the life experience they bring to the classroom. I think veterans with no remaining educations benefits should have the same empty seat alternative.

I will support any and all legislation to improve our roads. Our State Highways are a joke. AHTD, has a plan that can't be put in action because the Republican legislature voted down a bill to let us vote on funding. Our governor's idea of economic development is corporate welfare. I say we are more attractive to big business, small business, farm business, and your business with adequate infrastructure investment that benefits us all. A good road benefits all travelers alike.

I will fight for the common "Arkie" "hill billy" "red neck" "blue collar" "workin man/woman" Arkansans. In the Last session 1100 new laws, some too goofy to imagine, place limitations on farmers and sportsmen's user of fourwheelers which was supported by my opponent and school vouchers robbing from our public schools. It was scary to see how much support they had.

My grandfather told me fires that burn hottest burn out the fastest, and this is too much too fast. Some things may require quick attention, but most of the 1100 laws did not receive adequate attention, no real debate - just pork it up to the Party's tune and rubber stamp it. It's time we clean up the legislative process to hold our representatives accountable for how they feel and how they vote.

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